Q&A: What are some ways to make my school eco friendly?

Question by Krizzeryoll: What are some ways to make my school eco friendly?
My friend and I are running for co-prez and we want to make our school eco friendly. We already have low-flush toilets and recycling bins. What else? 10 POINT TO BEST ANSWER! Thanks.

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Answer by milaroo
Recycle bins for sure.

How about some of the following:
Compost pile for ground clippings
Start an organic garden for the cafeteria
Use recycled paper in computer lab
Make sure light bulbs are energy star certified or CFL compatible.
Solar panels to supplement energy usage

One of the biggest issues you’ll face is fundraising to make these happen. School budgets are super tight and don’t have a ton of wiggle room for additional spending. But you could lobby the school board to at least allocate a portion of the next years budget to eco-friendly efforts. Good luck.

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