What are some eco friendly advertising ideas for a go green club?

Question by : What are some eco friendly advertising ideas for a go green club?
My friend and I have just started a go green club at our school. We plan on advertising at our open house. Does anyone know of any cheap eco friendly products we could give out (such as pencils)? We are also interested in creating cheap t-shirts. Please post any known web links. And keep cost in mind. Thanks!

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Answer by Nicholas Vita
well zazzle.com can make tshirts stickers and alot of other stuff- heres the link


only prob is it costs money- in some cases lots a money. depends what you put on it^_^

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  1. Depending on how much time you have before hand, you could make your own products! If you have old scraps of material (such as tshirts etc.) you could make and sew bean bags (like the kind you toss) and fill with beans or rice. Then you could write things like GO GREEN! or something on them with fabric marker. T-shirts don’t have to be expensive, you can buy cheap bulk shirts and decorate them yourself, but it could get expensive if you did various sizes. If you wanted to buy and decorate something, I would suggest buying and decorating reusable shopping bags. That way, they could use them instead of taking plastic bags from the store! You could also do fun things for younger kids, like reuse water bottles and fill them with pebbles or rice to make noise makers, and decorating them with ribbons and messages and your school colors. Hope this helps! The possibilities are endless!

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