What is the most eco friendly way to cook?

Question by billie b: What is the most eco friendly way to cook?
Is it more energy effincent/eco friendly to use my gas stove(I cook 4 maincourses a week) or to use electric appliances such as elec. skillet, slowcooker,microwave,waffle iron?
So basically there is no research based answer for this and its everyone own opinion very few of which sound based in any fact.

Best answer:

Answer by tunasalard
over a nuclear reactor

it’s in use so why not save some watts

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8 Responses to “What is the most eco friendly way to cook?”

  1. Quiet♥Misfortune Reply February 15, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Vegan over a nuclear reactor. XD

  2. Eat things that are raw and wigglin’. I do.

  3. Slow cooking is bad. I think for food that require long period of cooking, microwaves is better. Chinese found stir fry as the most fuel efficient way to cook. Cook at high heat for short periods of time. You need a think traditional wok. THey heat up faster. YOu can only properly do stir fry with gas. It takes time to warm up an electric skillet and it doesn’t get hot enough. Steaming can be efficient if you cook alot of food at once. THe Chinese stack alot of those bamboo steamers one on top of the other.

  4. Over a fire place. Sounds rediculous but I’ve tried it. Your food will taste a little more smokey, but it heats up your house at the same time and has a nice warm friendly glow, so it’s worth it :-)

  5. none of those using a solar cooker is the most eco friendly as well as the cheapest

  6. A microwave oven is the best way to cook. When the food is cooked, you’ll notice that the only thing thats hot is the food. With conventional electric and gas heated ovens, a lot of energy is wasted in just warming it up to 350 or whatever, and when you take the food out a tremendous amount of heat is dumped into the kitchen as the oven cools down. In the summer you have to run your AC more to remove that waste heat.

    The same applies to all stoves, if you can burn your hand during normal operation, I’d say that proves they waste energy.

  7. Gas cook stove is better

  8. outside over a log fire,trees are renewable and if theres a demand for more wood then theyll plant more trees.and we will have forests again

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