Would people benefit from an eco friendly cleaning service?

Question by tramia: Would people benefit from an eco friendly cleaning service?
Can an eco friendly service that offer recycling services and home organization plan?
If you would hire me give me an e-mail and we can set up an appointment.

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Answer by Kris L
I’d hire you in a minute! I can’t find a ‘housekeeper’ because I live in a third floor walk up and would like to have the laundry done (I’d pay for it well, of course) but I INISIST on being ‘eco-friendly’ and I’d LOVE to have a ‘home organizer’ also do my cleaning. I hire a professional home organizer and she does ‘help’ but she doesn’t do ‘housework’ … so I’d really ‘benefit’ from someone who offered what you are suggesting. I live in Seattle …

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4 Responses to “Would people benefit from an eco friendly cleaning service?”

  1. Eco friendly cleaning services, especially with recycling, are an excellent concept, but some of the eco-friendly products I have tried are ineffective. I have used an eco-friendly cleaning service & they took at least twice as long (which meant I paid twice as much, time-wise) as other services. I think that much of it had to do with the ineffectiveness of the cleaning products.

    The latter was about 2 years ago, perhaps there are better products out now.

  2. Yes … clients would benefit; workers would benefit. One of the answerers stated that the products are “ineffective” … I find that the storebought “green” products are very effective and the homemade equivalents are also effective … but it’s all in the elbow. If you would come to my house once a week and clean, dust and haul away the recycling without leaving the smell of industrial solvents behind, I would be very happy.

    Home organization … I’m not so sure about that. I’d have to get organized before I could ask you in for an estimate.

    Perhaps you could connect with a product line that would go co-op on advertising?

    Good luck; sounds like an excellent plan!

  3. certainly yes.

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